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Stage di Contorionismo

con Elisa Giorgi

16-17 marzo 2019


Sabato: 15:15 - 17:15 18:00-20:00

Domenica : 11:00 - 13:00 13:45- 15:45

Costi 80€ + iscr. ArsMotus 25€

sconto soci ArsMotus 10%

Max 10 persone

Dead line: 12 marzo 2019

Workshop che si sostanzia di 4 allenamenti intensivi sulla flessibilità e il verticalismo secondo le tecniche del contorsionismoo della scuola Mongola di Ulan Bator.

Gli esercizi verranno adattati ai diversi livelli di preparazione fisica, pertanto è rivolto a tutti: a chi di contorsionismo è gia appasionato e a chi non sa di esserlo.

Elisa Giorgi vi aspetta calorosamente. per ultriori info:+39 329371848

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Eventi passati

Stage di Acroyoga scuola canadese con Eva Brovinsky 2- 3 febbraio 2019

Stage di Acro Amacha e tessuti con Dana Augustin 9 - 10 Febbraio 2019

There will be 2 workshops that are upgrading. You can join just one or both. If you don’t have much experience in acroyoga or similar disciplines, come to open level first, as intermediate is especially for those who already have some experiences.

The workshop consists of two parts:

  1. Flexibility, balance & strength – FBS – focus is on ground exercises, many of them are executed with the aid of Aerial Hammocks and Silks
  2. Aerial part - focuses on exercises and movements on Aerial Silks and Aerial Hammocks.

Open level workshop - Saturday 2. 2. 2019

15:00 17:00-17:30 19:30

This workshop is open to everyone from newbies to more experienced practitioners. The material presented will not be technically difficult and you only need a normal strength and flexibility performance (if you do any form of exercise few times a week, you most likely fall in this category). However the elements that will be tough are unique and interesting for more skilled practitioners as well.

We will build different forms and balances between two people, set the basic foundations of acrobatic elements, and play with partner inversions that are simply the easiest and safest for everyone to get rid of fear of being upside down. From the foundations you will get in the first part of the workshop we will move on to fun transitions, passing the flyer from one base to the next and explore different ways of coming in and out of a partner elements.

Intermediate workshop - Sunday 3. 2. 2019

10:30-12:30 - 14:00 16:00

This workshop content will be focused on technically more demanding L-basing transitions. As a base you need a good ankle flexibility as well as well trained wrists to be able to support your body weight. The latest is a prerequisite for flyer as well. If you can hold a handstand with light support for 30 seconds your wrists are most likely strong enough for what we will do in this workshop.

We will play with fancy transitions trough croc position, foot to hand flows and free balances on different parts of flyers body. It will be a balanced mix of dynamic acrobatics, refinement in still positions and fun rotations.

8 is minimum number of participants

1 workshop 4 h for 45€

2 workshops: 8 h for 70€

Sconto 5 € per le due giornate ai soci ArsMotus che già frequentano un corso annuale, e si iscrivono entro il 20 gennaio 2019

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  1. 1. Flexibility, balance & strength – FBS - serves the objective to warm up whole body, flexibility and core strength coordination and balance development. These exercises are connected to the second part’s program that is executed in the air, with the aim to thoroughly prepare the whole body for the more demanding movements on aerial silks and hammocks. This specific workout focuses as well on various inverted positions, such as handstands, wheels, scorpion and its variations.

2. Aerial movement on silks and hammocks - offers practice in the air, introducing different figures, rotations, drops and choreographic wholes. The focus will be on technique, balance and dynamic movements. We will explore various elements, combining them into short choreographic phrases, the emphasis being on the posture and tempo.

How to position our bodies so that it can be in balance in various figures on the silks, using partial or no keys, paying attention on the way of entrance and exit into and from the figures.

Through different exercises and tasks we will be directed towards the awareness of every movement, searching for individual expression and qualities. This part gives knowledge of aerial techniques to the participants. They also meet with security measures and ways of body preparation for this kind of movement. Described program offers the grounds for technique and personal aerial acrobatics style development.

SLO:DELAVNICA NA ZRAČNIH TKANINAH IN ZRAČNIH ZANKAHDelavnica na zračnih tkaninah in zračnih zankah je sestavljena iz dveh delov:Gibčnost, ravnotežje in močFBS – poudarek je na vajah, ki se izvajajo na tleh, mnoge izmed njih s pomočjo zračnih zank in tkanin. Zračne tkanine in zanke – spoznavanje vaj in različnih figur v zraku, na zračnih tkaninah in zankah.
1.Gibčnost, ravnotežje in močFBS – program je sestavljen iz širokega spektra vaj za ogrevanje, predvsem za razvoj gibčnosti, stabilizacije sklepov, moči in ravnotežja. Vaje temeljito pripravijo telo na bolj zahtevno gibanje v zraku. Poudarek je tudi na inverznih položajih, kot so stoja na rokah, most, škorpijon in variacije teh položajev.
2.Zračne tkanine in zračne zanke – v tem delu programa so predstavljene različne figure, rotacije, padci in koreografske sekvence. Poudarek je na razvoju tehnike, ravnotežnih položajih na tkaninah in zankah ter dinamičnemu gibanju. Raziskovali bomo ravnotežne položaje na tkaninah, in pri tem uporabljali različne tehnike, ki se poslužujejo trenja in skoraj nobenih ključev, kot tudi variacije vhoda in izhoda v te položaje. Učili se bomo različnih figur in jih sestavljali v krajše celote, s fokusom na pravilno pozicioniranja telesa in tempo izvedbe. Skozi različne vaje in naloge bo pozornost usmerjena na zavedanje celotnega telesa, kot tudi na kvaliteto gibanja in izvedbo.
Spoznali boste različne tehnike in načine priprave telesa za tovrstno gibanje. Tovrsten pristop vam bo zagotovil podlago za razvoj lastnega pristopa k gibanju na zračnih tkaninah in zankah.

Workshop capacity: min 5 students

Sat 9.2.2019 : 14h – 17h

Sun 10.2.2019 : 10h – 13h

2 days/ 3 hours per day - 80€/person

1 day/3 hours per day – 50€/person

Sconto 5 € per le due giornate ai soci ArsMotus che già frequentano un corso annuale, e si iscrivono entro il 25 gennaio 2019

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CV Insegnanti

Eva Brovinsky

Eva is a dedicated and attentive acroyoga, yoga and slackline yoga teacher. Eva was a Thai massage therapist when she found out about acroyoga back in 2010. She knew from the begining that this is something that will really stay with here. In the years later she got certified as AcroYoga Montreal and YogaSlackers teacher. Through years of teaching experiences and with utmost patience, she will always serve you clear and precise instructions. In classes and workshops she emphasizes cooperation, creativity and effective technique that gives you confidence and strong foundations to continue your movement and balance practices. Eva’s vision is to inspire ordinary people to allow themselves to be playful and explore the whole range of movements in our bodies. She is empowering the community through play, contact and movement.

Dana Auguštin

Graduated at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France (2008) and on the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovenia (2005). From the year 2003 she is actively engaged in the field of circus arts, performances, shows and pedagogy. She worked and performed with different collectives (groups), choreographers and artists in Europe and overseas such as: Gérard Fasoli (CNAC), Bruno Dizien (Lacknope), Bruno Krief, Dirk Schambacher, Georges Lavaudant, AADN Développement des arts et kulture numériques, France; Guy Carrara (Archaos), France-Brasil; Thierry de Mey, Belgium; Boris Vecchio (Circumnavigando), Elisa Waldner and Edoardo Danieli (ArsMotus), Michelle Kramers and Puccio Savioli (Girovagando), Italy; Iztok Kovač (En Knap Group), Matjaž Pograjc, Branko Potočan (Fourklor), Goro Osojnik (Ana Monro), Natalija and Ravil Sultanov (Zavod Bufeto), Slovenia; Jadranka Žinić Mijatović and Nikola Mijatović (Cirkorama), Ivan Kralj (Festival Novog Cirkusa), Croatia; Milan Manić (Cirkusfera), Serbia. She organises and leads workshops in Slovenia and abroad. As certificated yoga teacher – Shivananda Yoga, as well as aerial yoga teacher – Unnata Aerial Yoga, she is leading classes on regular basis of aerial silks, aerial hammock, aerial yoga and flexibility, balance and strength programs. Besides the pedagogical work she performs and works as choreographer, participating in different projects as well as creating her own shows and performances, in collaboration with different artists, promoting new and experimental circus.